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Air ducts are not something most of us give any heed to until something goes wrong with it.

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It is hidden behind the walls, inside the ceiling and, when you notice significant increase in the dust levels and frequent allergies and infections in the inhabitants, you start to think of the possibility of having bad quality indoor air and dirty ducts. Dirty ducts are one of the main causes of having allergies, and pollen allergies, asthma attacks and other air borne infections.
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Veteran Air Duct Cleaning provides professional duct cleaning service for the people of Humble. Our technicians are experienced professionals with proper training who know how to clean air ducts the right way. The carry blowers and vacuums together to clean air ducts. The blower’s help to dislodge the dust particles sticking to the surface of the duct. Since most dust particles become electrically charged they tend to stick to the fans, motors,filters and duct surface. With industrial blowers these dust particles are removed.

The vacuum then sucks the dust particles off the surface of the duct. The residents and businesses of Humble, Texas have seen significant improvement in their electricity consumption when they get their ducts professionally cleaned. Your HVAC system has to work less when the ducts are clean, filters are new and fans are working effectively.

As ignored as ducts are, your HVAC system is always making use of the ducts to circulate air throughout the building. When the ducts accumulate enough dust and dirt from the surrounding and start to show issues with the air quality, you need professional inspection of the ducts. On inspection, we have seen from personal experience that most ducts that haven’t been cleaned in the last few years have an excessive accumulation of pollen, dust, spider webs, dangelers, dead skin, pet hair and various other type pollutants that decrease the quality of the air.

Veteran Air Duct Cleaning is professional duct cleaning service that works throughout the week to come to aid at open call. When you need effective duct cleaning from certified professionals you can trust us. We have serviced many commercial and residential properties over the years and know everything about duct systems of all sizes.

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Our supervisors make sure the ducts are properly cleaned before we are done. With inspection of not only the ducts but the whole HVAC system , you get to know about the minor issues in the HVAC system and fix it when it’s small. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning is one of the oldest and best known duct cleaning companies in Humble. You can trust us with quality service at your home or business. We are here to help you with having good air quality and removing all the contaminants in the air of your indoor. When you need quality service give us a call, we will be at your service. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning is here to help. Give us a call for a free estimate for all the services.


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