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If someone who is concerned about the air quality of your house or office indoors, getting your air ducts cleaned should be the first step.

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Doctors and pollution experts have spoken in lights about the effects of bad air quality indoors and how it can affect one’s health. Since most of us stay indoors most of our lives and inhale the air coming from the ducts, having clean pollutant free air is essential. Pollutants can be classified as anything that is smaller than 10 microns. These can be man-made such as smoke, or natural such as pollen. Some pollutants are considered carcinogenic by the EPA. They can cause irritation in the eyes, skin, and lungs in short term and blood disorders in the long term. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning is one of the best known air duct cleaning companies in Seabrook. We offer our services all over Seabrook, Texas. Our trained professionals have been servicing the people of Sebrook with quality duct cleaning for commercial and residential HVAC, heating or cooling systems.

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What To Expect?

If you have never gotten your air ducts cleaned or wondering how the process happens, we will run you through it. Duct cleaning doesn’t only involve cleaning of the duct itself but other components as well. Our team will take a look at The whole Ventilation, heating or cooling system. The air filters, the fans, ducts, the motor, etc, we take a look at everything. Since dust can stick to any surface but the ducts are more likely to have a dust and mold build-up. Our team will clean everything thoroughly. We make sure the ducts are removed of all the accumulated dust, any mold development, pest nests and dirt is removed. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning has the training to know how to thoroughly clean the ducts and the components of the HVAC system. With proper cleaning you not only improve the air quality of the house but safe money on electric bills.
When you call our professional duct cleaners they will come to assistance carrying proper equipment.No matter the type of heating or cooling system you have, our team has worked with all kinds of HVAC systems. We have experienced technicians who have cleaned ducts for thousands of customers and know how to do it right.

How do we clean the ducts?

The first step we do is sealing all the vents and returns so the dust doesn’t get inside your house while we clean it. We will put air conditioning or ventilation systems into negative pressure to9 reduce the air flow to the interiors of the building. We have vacuums that are specialised to suck in all the dust, small airborne particles and get rid of all those allergens that irritate your skin and lungs. The vacuum will collect the contaminants in a bag that can be disposed of later. The filters, fans, condensate drain pans, fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing are all manually cleaned and wiped of all the dust sticking to the surface. We also use devices that can dislodge the dust particles from the surface of the ducts which can be sucked in by the vacuums.
Our supervisors take note of the whole process making sure the work is done to your satisfaction. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction with quality work that stays for a long time. You don’t need to worry about getting allergies and pollutants when you hire us for cleaning your ducts.

Increase the longevity of your HVAC system

Your duct system or the HVAC system is one of the most important aspects of your house. If it malfunctions you won’t be able to let it be. You would have to pay thousands of dollars rrto get it fixed. In our experience, we have seen the HVAC system staying durable when it is cleaned on a regular basis. Proper maintenance involves cleaning ducts, filters and fans. Also, making sure all the components are working properly. If small issues are addressed in the beginning you are less likely to face issues and spend money on expensive repairs.

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