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Do you use dirty air ducts? We can help. Dirty air ducts can become the cause of allergy and infectious diseases. Our air ducts are what distributes the air throughout the house or office.

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Air borne contaminants are mainly spread by ducts for indoor air. Air duct cleaning service can help you get rid of the contaminants and help to reduce the effects of allergens, spores and mold. A light amount of dust in the ducts is not uncommon. However, having a layer of dust coating the walls of the duct, the fans, motors,filters, heat exchangers and cooling coils, will severely impact the energy efficiency of your cooling or heating unit and air ventilation system. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning takes care of every aspect of HVAC system maintenance. We will clean the air ducts, clean drain pipes, clean the cooling coils and change the filters. Our team will clean the heating and cooling unit thoroughly so there are no issues with the temperature control system. With thorough cleaning you will be able to enjoy clean and better quality air in your house or business.
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Veteran Air Duct Cleaning Is Expert At Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Our company has 15 years of experience in cleaning the components of your HVAc system including the ducts. Contaminenets sucas dust, dead skin, pollen, and outdoor debris can circulate in the air if your ducts are not clean. Since most ducts have some water vapour and condensation in it, mold growth is a common thing that happens. You might notice a musty smell in the air, an increase in lungs, nose and throat allergy. Severe allergic reactions may occur if you have people living in your house who are highly sensitive to dust, pollen and spores. Do not try to clean the ducts by yourself, without proper equipment you will agitate the dust and spread it all over the house or commercial building. In places such as hospitals and clinics, we take extra care in cleaning the ducts and decontaminating it. Our team carried all the necessary equipment to clean the ducts. With thorough cleaning, using proper methods and professionals’ approach to things will help in removing the allergens and contaminants safely. The Specialised equipment helps to agitate the dust out of their sticky places. Simple vacuuming is not enough without dislodging the dirt. Equipment such as dust blowers and specialised vacuums will make it easier to clean ducts and other components.

Veteran Air Duct Cleaning Believes In Thorough Cleaning Services At An Affordable Price

When you have air ducts with a large amount of dust deposit don’t wait to call professional cleaners. The dust particles will cause issues that may not be immediately apparent but in the long run, they will cause you various issues. Besides being harmful to your health, it will also cause high electric bills. Our HVAC system, heating and cooling system works like any other machine. When the system is dirty, and the air flow is hindered from dirty ducts the system has to work twice as hard to keep the temperature in control. This causes high electricity bills. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning will clean the duct thoroughly, we use sprays and anti-contaminants that will remove biological contaminants such as bacterias and viruses with proper treatment. Sealing the inside of the duct with the seat will prevent mold growth in the ducts. As a company who has been providing quality service to the people of Kemah, we have through knowledge and training in cleaning ducts of all kinds. Our services are reasonably priced and there is no compromise on the quality of work.

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Air duct cleaning is one of the maintenance services you shouldn’t ignore. It is one of the most effective ways to bring down the cost of electric bills, the cost of repair and better your air quality. Veteran Air Duct Cleaning will inspect your heating and cooling unit before proving a free estimate without any obligation. If you choose to get a cleaning service done, we will do it on the same day basis at an affordable price. We will bring modern and effective equipment to conduct the cleaning so the whole process is done in an effective manner. Give us a call today.


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