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Cleaning your air ducts does a lot of good to your air quality for your New Caney home or business. We have been cleaning air ducts for ages now. Our team understands what is needed for thorough cleaning of air ducts. When you have air ducts that are dirt from dirt, dust, pests, pet hair, danglers and years of accumulation, it is best to call for professional help instead of going at it by yourself. You might disperse the dirt all over your house trying to clean your air ducts. Professionals at Veteran Air Duct Cleaning have a vacuum that can suck in the dust and dirt from the vents. We have agitators that can remove the cobwebs, and the dirt stuck to the walls so the vacuum could remove the dirt, before we can clean the walls with a cleaning solution. Our modern equipment not only makes it easy to clean the air ducts, it is also effective in thorough cleaning of it.

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Why Clean Your Air Ducts

A duct that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time can lead to dirty air in the home. As a result, even if no one in your household has ever had a breathing problem, they could acquire an allergic respiratory problem.

The inhabitants of the residence have problems due to faulty ducting. A clogged or damaged air duct can make the house smell bad and induce sinus and bronchial discomfort in residents.

Cleaning air ducts results in a more tranquil living environment. Reduced air quality at the workplace puts a bad impression on customers, and makes the work environment for the employees bad.

No one wants to stay at a house or office that has poor ventilation. Your HVAC system also has to work harder to keep the temperature under control. Your HVAC system will get more dirty, and get damaged sooner when you keep your air ducts dirty. You use more electricity with dirty air ducts, and your health decreases.

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Only a trained specialist can detect if your ducts need to be cleaned. What it will cost, how long it will take, and so forth. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your HVAC system. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct a thorough check of your air ducts in order to pinpoint the specific problem. Give us a call today.

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About New Caney, Texas

New Caney is an unincorporated area in Montgomery County, Texas, located north of Houston and south of Conroe. The town of New Caney is located at the intersection of Farm Road 1485 and Highway 59. Austin and Sarah Presswood, who named the town “Presswood, TX,” first colonised the area in the early 1860s. New Caney has a population of 19,987 people as of 2010. Some common places to visit in New Caney, Texas are Lake Houston Wilderness Park, A.V. ‘Bull’ Sallas Park, Gator Bayou Adventure Park, Market Street, The Woodlands Mall, and many more.


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